Vestas V136 - 3.6MW
4 windturbines
Weijerswold, Drenthe


Windfarm Weijerswold


Windfarm Weijerswold

On the 1st of February Topwind has finished the building phase of Weijerswold. Topwind worked together with Windunie and Pure Energie and Topwind had build 4 Vestas V-136 turbines.

Windfarm Weijerswold is located between the village Schoonebeek and Coevorden. The turbines have a hub height of 113,5 meters and a tremendous 136 meters rotor diameter. Tip height is 181,5 meter.

The four turbines shall produce 48 million kWh. That is equal to 18% of the electricity usage in Coevorden.

Topwind wants to thank Windunie and Pure Energie for their trust and we are proud of the results.

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