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Eemshaven, Nederland
Lagerwey L136
136 meter
20 wind turbines


Growind Wind Farm

Growind B.V. owns and operates 20 wind turbines in Eemshaven which are owned by 112 participants. In 2015 two turbines at this wind farm were dismantled and replaced by two Lagerwey L136 4.0MW turbines in 2016. The fact that these turbines were the first of this type delivered by Lagerwey, makes this project a special one. Besides, Lagerwey has tested its new technology for construction with the ‘Climbing Crane’. At this moment the Lagerwey L136 (with 132 meters hub-height) is the highest turbine that has ever been built in the Netherlands. Topwind has been responsible for the operations of the 20 turbines and has supported Growind with the realisation of this project.

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